Nun Spanked

The subject of a Nun being spanked (and yes also being the one who spanks but that is a subject for a different blog) is something different artists illustrated. For this blog I went browsing art from various vintage artists, enjoy them. It took me quite some time to put this gallery together. There are also a few connections with older blogs I posted.

The story for the Fustigation the Théroigne shows some of these artworks that are connected to nuns getting spanked in public.
James Gillray created a representation of the horrid barbarities practised upon the nuns by the fish-women, on breaking into the nunneries in France. The artwork shows the interior of a convent church. Fishwives with birch-rods are scourging nuns, some of whom are supported on the backs of other fish-wives in the manner of schoolboys. Their bare posteriors, slim legs with clocked stockings, and elegant slippers, give the nuns a meretricious appearance. The fish-wives are fierce, ragged creatures, some wear crosses suspended from their necks.
I am not sure if this artwork is related to the Fustigation the Théroigne.

And then there is of course the story about the secret spanking club from Friar Cornelius Adriaensen that shows a few artworks with nuns getting spanked.

I thought it would not be truly difficult to find vintage artworks where nuns are getting spanked, it seems I was so very wrong! It took me days to browse endless collections to find these few. Do you know vintage art related to this theme? Please contact me, I can always expand this collection in time.


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