About this site

Spanking art is a term used to collectively describe artwork that depicts or includes spanking scenes. Within bdsm art it is considered a niche art. Spanking art is found throughout history, erotic and non erotic, although one might argue about this since spanking lovers will consider many spanking artworks as arousing.

Erotic art depicting flagellation dates back to the pornographic fresco paintings of ancient Rome, particularly Pompeii. But the first mass-produced corporal punishment erotica began with the illustrated flagellation and spanking novels that flooded the underground book market in Europe and America in the late 19th century. On this blog you can view very old spanking art as well as modern art.

The blog is a followup up for a blog that was started around 2003, unfortunately deleted by the platform and I decided  to start all over on a new platform. Again my site was deleted, I had my doubts but rebuilt it again on a free host and finally found this solid blog (I host myself) to share all spanking artworks. This blog is more about sharing loose artworks, it is also about sharing knowledge for artists and books with illustrations.  To find collections from books I can recommend visiting my most large project: Vintage Fetish Art, this site is online since 2006 and holds the largest and well-archived collection vintage bdsm art on the web.

All modern art is either added with permission from the artist, or shared through platforms that have sharing tools available. I also share art that is for sale via auction sites.
Vintage art is in the public domain, for more info about copyrights read the disclaimer.

I invest a lot of my time to build a free and well-visited platform for artists to showcase their spanking art and for visitors to enjoy art and learn about the artists and their work. So I hope you enjoy this site and the unique collection that is shown. You can browse using the tags in the side menu, or the galleries (main menu).

Artists are invited to share their spanking art for free. Please read more about adding your art at the Artist Invitation.

For any questions be sure to contact me, I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I do. Curious to know more about me? Please read here.