About me

I am a true art lover with a special love for (vintage) spanking art. Many projects have been started by me to share knowledge and art on different artists. My very first bdsm art project is Secrets Bdsm Art (online since 2001), in 2006 I started my largest project: Vintage Fetish Art, a website with unique vintage fetish, bdsm, spanking and bondage artworks. Recently I also started a blog dedicated to Bondage Art.

Collecting information and art is one of my most favorite hobbies, sharing it with those interested via my various projects is something I can really enjoy. Then I also love to write (in Dutch), I have written many poetry, kept  a personal diary about my bdsm life online for almost 20 years and I really love photographing and creating digital manipulated art with my own photos.

I live in the Netherlands with my husband, youngsters and our cats. When I am not working on my art projects I am involved in helping others accepting their bdsm needs and desires, as a kink aware coach and I also work as caretaker.



      1. Your coverage of French artists is remarkable but you seem to exclude many English artists such as Paula Meadows, Anton, Hardcastle.


      2. Thank you. I am sharing vintage art for which there are no copyrights or art from artists that gave their permission for their art to be shared. That’s way those names you mention are not included, either I had not contacted them or they did not gave permission.


  1. Greetings Karen: Just found the site and will explore further. I am a life long spanko and have a special fascination in the spanking of young men by old, or older matronly women. Women who are capable, and successfully bury their fetish beneath a professional and authoritarian facade. I wonder if some of my work in that area would be of interest to you.
    Bottoms up

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    1. Hello Franco,

      Thank you for your message. What work is it that you are wondering I might be interested in? since your profile does not show anything I was unable to find out for myself.



  2. I was spanked often by my mother growing up on my bare bottom…I think those memories is what fuels my taste in fetish art…mainly spanking, enemas and rectal thermometers. This is a wonderful site, thinks so much for making this happen to fulfill the niche for those like me.

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    1. Thank you Branson for sharing your thoughts and memories, and for the compliment regarding my site. It is truly appreciated you take the effort to comment.


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