Ladder Spankings

When working on a new art project, dedicated to Bondage, I stumbled upon using a ladder for spankings.

A short ladder can be used for a spanking in the bent-over-object position, like a trestle or barstool, as shown in the cartoon by Dave Ell. Padding on top of the ladder is recomendable for a more comfortable position.

A step ladder with a platform to lie over can be used like a spanking bench.
The Swedish Ladder, also known as wall bars, is a ladder-like gymnastics apparatus mounted on a wall. It was invented in the early 1800s by Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839) and improved by his son Hjalma Ling (1820-1886).
A longer ladder, Swedish Ladder or step-ladder can be used for bondage in a similar way as the Berkley Horse or a St. Andrew’s cross.
Source Spanking Art Wiki

So it seemed like a nice idea to try and find artwork from various vintage artists using a ladder in their spanking artworks.

Artists presented that can be viewed at my other site as well:
Gaston Smit, Louis Malteste, Leon Pierre, Carlo, G. Whips, Cheri Herouard


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