Early Confessions

Sometimes it is difficult to try and find a certain subject or theme to publish. This evening one found artwork lead to a different search, then I found a new trail and found myself dwelling for more then an hour trying to put it all together so it would made a bit of sense.

The artworks in this gallery are related to these books:

  • The Convent School, or Early Experiences of A Young Flagellant is a Victorian erotic BDSM/spanking novel, written under the pseudonym Rosa Belinda Coote and published by William Dugdale in London in 1876 or 1879. The book has 15 coloured illustrations which were sold separately as a set. I think I might have shared some before without knowing (for sure) these belonged to this book. Those interested in the text from the book can find it here. An introductory letter is dated London, January 10, 1825 and signed Rosa Belinda Coote. An allusion is made to her own Confessions (published in The Pearl), to which The Convent School may be considered a companion volume. There are 15 hand coloured plates created for this book.
  • Les Confessions Erotique de l’Abbé Pineraide was published in 1895
  • The Elements of Tuition and modes of Punishment, in letters from Mademoiselle Dubouleau was published in 1880 with 8 lithographs later colored by hand.
  • Le Bouquet de Verges (the birchen bouquet) was published in 1881
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