Dave Ell

Dave Ell is a Pro cartoonist from Liverpool England. Now reciding in Phuket Thailand where he is the main cartoonist for a Thai Newspaper.
Previous works have appeared in Britiash tabloids Daily Mirror News Of The World The Sun etc.

Dave has published four series of comic books, two featuring the little vixen Sammy Simpkins, who just loves a good spanking, one series of spanking naughty schoolboys and the Detention Master, also featuring Sammy. You can view more via his own website.

I created a small collection with his artworks that are offered as print, to view the complete collection go here.

Art Prints Wall Art
Art Prints Wall Art Wall Art
Wall Art
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  1. I do adore the Sammy Simpkins character, as with her love of a freshly-smacked bottom she truly is the “Spankees’ Sweetheart.”

    But the gorgeous “Highland Sting” illustration is a personal favourite – lots of naughty boys with raised kilts and rosey cheeks! It’s simply wonderful!

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