Joseph Apoux

Joseph Zacharie Jacques Apoux (1846 – 1910) was known as Joseph Apoux. The artist was born in the center of France, but seems to have spent his adult life in Paris.  It’s unclear under what circumstances brought him to the capital, and how much training he received as an artist.  He studied painting and drawing with Jean-Léon Gérôme. He then specialized in aquatint and drypoint engraving. Apoux exhibited from 1880 and participated in the l’Exposition internationale du Blanc et Noir in 1886.
Apoux was a fine etcher, who specialized in erotica, he became known for his pornographic art Alphabet pornographique (1880) but he also created some dark fantasy artworks, with erotic vibe. He tended to create sets, rather than isolated compositions.  
Visit the collection on Art Vintagique to view more from this artist. Spanking artworks by Apoux are very rare but I found a few.

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  1. What a beautiful selection, thank you so much for sharing it, Mis Tique. The book cover etching in particular makes me positively tingle!

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