Saltychikha’s Serfs

This blog has been dwelling in my head for a few months, I had my doubts about it because the story is about cruelty, torture and death. Those who know me a little might now that I am all for consensual spanking, but I am also into sharing art and history of art. So I decided to share these rare artworks with a little about the story behind them since they make a good contribution to the special gallery History.

Daria Saltykova (1730 – 1801) was a noble women who became a serious serial killer. The people referred to her simply “Saltychikha”, pointing to her notorious nature, which turned her into a somewhat mythical figure in the collective Russian mind. Saltykova was a Russian noble from Moscow who became notorious for torturing and killing and torturing 138 female serfs. A serf was an unfree person who, unlike a slave, historically could be sold only with the land to which they were “attached”. Serfdom became the dominant form of relation between Russian peasants and nobility in the 17th century. 

I found just a few artworks visualising a part of the story. To read more about the story see this blog or read here.

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