Swiss Jim

Swiss Jim (1918 – 1964) was a pseudonym used by a Swiss/French Artist, referred to as ‘Swiss Jim’so this artist might not be confused with the other ‘German’ Jim.
He also used the pseudonym Gil. There is nearly nothing known for this artist, a collector knew he was originally from Geneva, he worked as a technical draftsman for a design company and died during a holiday trip in 1964.  Jim worked for Irving Claw’s Nutrix publications from 1952 through 1963/1964.

His drawings are in many SM books (mostly in the Irwing Klaw range), like the Magazine ‘Subjugating a Male Bondage Model’ and the book Baroness of Torture Museum. One of his best-known creations was ‘Baroness Steel‘, a feature that was also collected in Bizarre Comix issue 5 in 1976.

Via Vintage Fetish Art you can view over 280 artworks, most in large format. Here is a small, but nice, collection of his spanking artworks. For larger formats visit the page on Vintage Fetish Art.

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