The Feminine Regime

At first I thought this was about an old book, since it is mentioned as ‘ the first serious novel of female discipline ever to be published’ but then a publication date was missing and a deep search did not bring up anything else then the same text on different sites. Most times this is a sign of good marketing 😉 and when looking at the old artworks showing female discipline as illustrations for various old books and comparing this to these artworks I was sure it could not be a very old book. I believe it was published in 1995, but also donated to the public via webarchive. Which makes me believe the artwork was open source as well. Those curious about the book, you can find it here. On the Spanking Art wiki a page can be viewed about the author.
I found no info about the artist, a loyal visitor mentioned that the artist could be named Petronella, for who I was unable to find something as well.



  1. The artist is credited to Petronella but so far I haven’t found any reference to her. Regina Snow has written a couple of other books, available on the webarchive, Children of the Void, The District Governess and other Stories then Happy Tears and The District Governess, some with illustrations, but not by Petronella. The download in PDF


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