Spanked Husband

Unknown artist. Published in The Pearl, A Monthly Journal of Facetiae and Voluptuous Reading (1879-1880)


  1. Mixed feelings about this, all good. I find this about power exchange between a couple and nothing wrong there.


    1. As long as it’s a choice both make there is nothing wrong with it to my opinion. Of course in art there is also a lot that walks the (fine line) of abuse. I am against that but at the same time art sometimes has a value and that is why I decide to share it.
      Thanks for your comment Carolyn.


      1. From his obvious state of arousal i’m guessing that it was his idea to drop his pants for a spanking – hope she is enjoying it as well


  2. Hi, bit off topic but I’d like to submit some art for your site. However your contact form does not appear to be working (unless it’s just me being dense!). Is there an email or another way to contact you? Thanks


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