Unknown artist

From an anonymous vintage artist



  1. One thing that fascinates me about this sort of art is that gives an insight into peoples sexual imaginations. I don’t claim to understand but there is certainly a lot going on in this picture and by extension in the mind of the artist.


    1. Hi Tobby,

      Perhaps this was one was also drawn from a more cynical point of view, sometimes drawings like these were use to create political satire. Since I could not find info on the artist I was unable to tell more about the story behind the drawing. So yes it might also come from someone’s sexual imagination, about the excitement of getting caught in an act of disobedience towards marriage, or getting tempted by youth etc


      1. Yes it does intrigue. Your interpretation is very interesting. This may also fit in with the fact that the man seems to be depicted as some sort of demon ( evil desire ?). But then again it is the woman whose buttocks are being flayed( righteous punishment ? ). Both people do have surprised expressions which again fits in with the idea of being discovered. I like the touch that the man is still wearing his glasses. All in all a very fascinating picture. I think it came for deep within the artist rather than actual experience. That sadly is one of my general observations. That is that such art comes from frustration rather than fulfilment.

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