La Vie Parisienne

Throughout the years I shared some spanking related artworks that were made for the magazine La Vie Parisienne, I decided to combine those in a gallery and add some more to please you all. Artist is Cheri Herouard.


  1. Oh, Mis Tique, these images are simply too gorgeous!

    I adore Cheri Herouard, he is by far my favourite artist and I love the fact he incorporated his spanking interest within his mainstream works for La Vie Parisienne.

    The image of the young woman unwrapping a birchrod for Christmas is sublime. Thank you so much for posting such beauty.

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    1. Oh how nice to learn that Herouard is your favorite artist as well! He has been mine from the beginning, and I have seen a lot (!) of spanking artworks from various artists. I love his subtile style and that the art shows many times that those getting spanked are enjoying it. Which I can relate to 🙂


      1. Absolutely, Mis Tique!

        Perhaps you may agree, Herouard imbues such graceful beauty and elegance within all of his works, it simply makes your heart sing!

        It is impossible to choose a favourite, but there is a gorgeous over-the-knee depiction in the 1939 novel “L’ecrin du rubis” in which both the sumptuous spanker and equally adorable spankee are sporting smiles of such deep satisfaction.

        It truly captures the beauty of the moment and the very essence of sensual spanking♥️


    1. I couldn’t agree with you more, summertime!

      Perhaps you may agree that Herouard’s illustrations are the epitome of “vintage sauciness!”

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