Helga Bode

Around 2007 I discovered the spanking art from Helga Bode for the first time. At first it was hard to seperate her art from the huge mix of modern and vintage spanking drawings. Eventhough there was not much to learn about the artist, her art fascinated me.

In ca 1920 Helga did a lot of illustrations and waterpaintings, in het art domestic discipline was the main subject. Boys and girls punished at school, drawers, a cane or a birch were used. Married woman being spanked by their husband and remarkable are the drawings where young boys spank elderly girls (sisters perhaps?). Besides spanking art she also did some enema art.

The thing that makes Helga’s art special is the fact that her drawings appeared in German semi-scientific sexology publications in the 1930s. These were not commissioned illustrations however, the artwork was probably given to the publishers by Helga Bode’s former psychotherapist whom she had entrusted with a considerable number of her drawings and paintings.

Her illustrations were published in ‘Der Flagellantismus als literarisches Motiv, IV Folge, 3″ published by Dr. Ernst Schertel ca 1930/1931 and in Der Komplex der Flagellomanie by Dr. Ernst Schertel (1932)

Enjoy a small collection of her art, you can discover more at Vintage Fetish Art.

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